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Key Features & Highlights

Advanced Files Upload & Share

Allow or block certain file types and limit the allowed size for each upload. Give each user a files folder to control his/her files, or share them. Limit the inputs per an upload. Have a complete control over the files from admin panel.

Advanced Admin Panel

Admin can control most settings through admin interface. Tens of options that are intelligently displayed so they would look uncluttered and easy to manage. With the advanced user system, website's owner can give permission to any user to be an admin and access the admin panel.

Securtiy comes first

Separated sessions for admins, so an admin can log out from the admin panel and have the user session. Also, all submitted forms are secured from CSRF attacks. In addition to a flooding system, kleeja has its own captcha system that can be enabled and disabled any time. We also update Kleeja regularly and show an update alert in the admin panel.

Powerful User System

Full user system that has simple registration which can be enabled or disabled by the website owner. Users may have files folder with all of their files if this feature is also enabled by the website owener. Basically, website owner can turn or diable most of the features on or off.

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