How to install styles on Kleeja

Installing a style on Kleeja is easy and effortless. This help article works for both old and recent versions of kleeja.

Find a style for Kleeja

After searching for a style that you like on Kleeja Market, Download it to your computer.

Style file format

Style comes as an archive files usually "zip".


Upload it to Kleeja

From kleeja control panel, go to Styles page. Then click on "upload from your computer" button.

- Note: If you can not upload the style from within the control panel, upload it using FTP.


Set as default from Kleeja admin panel

After uploading the style, you can now set it as a default style from the styles page on Kleeja admin panel.

If you did the steps correctly you will find the style listed there and has an option "set as default".



Note: If you have an old kleeja version, any version before 2.0. The styles page will look slightly different.


Congratulations, you can now enjoy your new style.